Shared Decision Making

Shared decision making tools on statins and aspirin are available to your patients on the Heart Health Now Patient Information Center. You can “prescribe” these shared decision making tools to your patients.

First, view the decision points:

Second, recommend the decision points to your patients when they have a need for shared decision making.

  1. Determine if shared decision making is appropriate for your patient.

    • Statins for primary prevention: If your patient’s CVD risk is 5-10% or if they need help deciding whether or not to use statins, encourage shared decision making

    • Aspirin for primary prevention

      Use shared decision making for patients 50-70 years of age who have a 10 year CVD risk over 5% in the following situations:

      • If your patient’s CVD risk is >10% and they are 60-69 years old

      • If your patients CVD risk is 5-10%

      • Or if they just need more help deciding

  2. Complete the “Recommended Educational Materials” handout for your patient, checking off the topics you recommend he or she review. Please ask your practice facilitator to reach out to the Heart Health NOW! team for copies of the handout.

  3. Instruct your patient to log on to the website, complete the shared decision making tool, and to print their results.

  4. Arrange a follow up with your patient to discuss their choice and any questions they may have.

Shared decision making tools are provided by Healthwise.