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Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculation

Why are the ASCVD risk calculator results different than Framingham calculator results?

What should I do if my patient’s age falls outside the suggested age range for risk calculation?

What should I do if risk factors fall outside the suggested range for risk calculation?

Should I calculate risk if my patient has subclinical atherosclerosis?

Blood Pressure Measurement

Where can I find information on which models of BP monitors have been validated?

What is the difference between home BP monitoring and ambulatory BP monitoring?

What do I do when office BP measurement is elevated but the patient says her BP is “normal“ at home or at a pharmacy kiosk?

Treatment of High Blood Pressure

Are thiazide diuretics okay for patients with gout?

Why are we recommending chlorthalidone as the thiazide-type diuretic of choice?

What about "compelling indications" for selecting certain anti-hypertensive medications?

What should be our approach to medication dosing for patients who require multiple anti-hypertensive medications?

How should diuretics be modified in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD)?

What is the SPRINT trial and what did it show?

Are all "$4" generic retail drug programs about the same or should my patient "shop around" for the best deal?

Medication Adherence

How does literacy impact medicine adherence?

How Does Medicine Dosing Affect Adherence?

How Can I Assess Patient Understanding for Medicine Use?

What can I do to improve my patients understanding of their medicines?

What resources are available for my patients who can’t afford their medicines?

What resources are available to help my patients remember to take their medicines?

Statins for Primary Prevention

Do patients need to be fasting to check their lipid levels?

Do providers still need to regularly monitor liver function tests for patients on statins?

Do I need to check lipid levels to make sure my patient reaches certain treatment goals?

My patient reports muscle pain since he started taking statins. What should I do?

How do the results from the HOPE3 trial affect our approach to use of statins for primary prevention?

What do you recommend when age appears to be the primary driver in a patient with > 10% ASCVD risk? What are recommendations for statin use for those over 75 years of age?

Is there a recommended Shared Decision Making tool that you suggest?

Should you re-calculate risk after you start statin therapy? If so, how often? What about times when a patient's ASCVD calculator result recommends they should not be on statin but they are on a statin?

Can you speak to the risk of diabetes with statin therapy, and how that should play into our decision making, especially in patients who are pre-diabetic or at risk for developing diabetes?

Anything new with CNS effects (including confusion, risk of cognitive impairment, or risk of dementia) and statins?

Effect of family history- should it be a part of risk calculation and should it be used to decide about statin therapy?

Why do guidelines differ on treatment threshold for statins in primary prevention?

Should we treat patients with very low cholesterol levels but high CVD risk?

Tobacco Use Assessment and Treatment

If I recommend higher levels of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) like the patch plus gum or lozenges, won’t my patients risk overdosing?

My patient says she has tried the nicotine patch (or gum, lozenge) before but it didn’t work. What should I suggest?

Will smoking while wearing the patch cause my patient to get sick or have heart problems?

What if my patients resist using Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) because they believe that it would just be trading one addiction for another?

What if my patients say they can’t afford tobacco cessation medication?

How do I treat a patient with comorbid mental health or substance use disorders?

Do patients complain about being billed for counseling?

Aspirin for Primary Prevention

What increases my patients’ chances of bleeding on aspirin?

Does Enteric Coated Aspirin Reduce Bleeding?

What if aspirin causes gastrointestinal bleeding?

Should I start a medicine to protect the stomach while I am taking aspirin?

According to current guidelines, why do I need a life expectancy of 10 years in order to take aspirin?

Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

What will it cost my patient to go to Cardiac Rehab?

Why do you recommend high dose atorvastatin over other statins for secondary prevention?

Do you recommend to treat patients with statins towards a specific LDL goal in secondary prevention?

My patient just had a stent implanted and is taking Aspirin and clopidogrel. He is planning to undergo an elective procedure such as a tooth extraction or colonoscopy. The surgeon asks to stop dual-antiplatelet therapy because he is concerned about the bleeding risk. What should I do?