Practice Involvement

Your practice will partner with us by:

  • Establishing an EHR connection to CCNC's Informatics Center reporting services
  • Working with a practice coach to develop a quality improvement (QI) team in your practice
  • Designating a Provider Champion and up to 5 additional practice staff members to participate in required surveys. Survey participants will receive direct payments of $30 and $50 for completing quantitative and qualitative surveys, respectively.
  • Meeting with your practice coach up to 8 hours per month
  • Learning from experts about improvement science and how to motivate ongoing system improvement in your practice
  • Reviewing monthly progress on 6 core cardiovascular measures defined by evidence-based CVD prevention strategies
  • Utilizing real-time data tools to plan and implement improvement interventions
  • Carrying out small tests of change
  • Sending QI team representatives to regional learning collaboratives 3 times per year